are you feeling overwhelmed
with mom guilt?

I get it.

Each stage of becoming and being a parent can bring you new reasons to feel guilty… so how can you break free from that pattern?

In a culture which gaslights moms into thinking you’re not enough and you’re not doing enough, I’m here to set mamas across the world free with this 15-word paradigm shift:

The relationship you have with your Self
defines the relationship you have with your child.

I’m helping moms like you to cultivate an inquisitive and intentional relationship with your Self first. And in so doing, you’ll learn to build a wholehearted and connected relationship with your child(ren).

Learning how to turn within
to align with your
Inner Truth
is your way out of the guilt.

I’m an Empowerment Coach for Moms, a nonbinary (they/them), mixed-race Asian, rape survivor, spouse to a cishet white man, mama to a mixed-race toddler, writer, copy editor, and more, who, in the first half of 2019, simultaneously supported my mom and brother through eight months of cancer treatment, ran my coaching business, and cultivated intentional relationships with my Self and others, all while living with my in-laws and dismantling my internalized bias learned from from systems of oppression.

And I unhesitatingly own:
I am a BADASS.

Not because I get it “right” all the time (I don’t). Not because I’ve got my shit “together” (it’s decidedly not). And definitely not because I subscribe to perpetuating hustle culture, cisheteronormative beliefs, or thinking I’m only worth as much as I create (fuck all that noise).

I’m a badass because I’m choosing to define what a badass means to me

I choose to grow beyond my comfort zone and expand my understanding of my Self and others, taking ownership for processing my stuff, and not unconsciously passing it on to my child and others.

I choose to give my Self tenderness and love when I bump up against the parts of me which I’m not so proud of.

I choose to have uncomfortable conversations, from repairing a mistake I made, to making my healthy boundaries lovingly and clearly known, to asking for help.

I choose to show up vulnerably, learning more about the contexts which impact my life every day and dismantling the ways in which I’ve internalized oppression and oppressive beliefs.

And… I’m a badass because I’m owning I’m a badass in a culture that would prefer that I sit down, shut up, and look pretty.

Not this badass mama.
Not this badass human.

in case you’re wondering…

am I the person to help you?

In the 20 years since I attended my first personal development course, I’ve dedicated my Self to transformational growth, spending over a thousand hours attending seminars and workshops of all kinds… learning tools, honing them, practicing them, and teaching them. Not only have I acquired many different tools, but I've figured out how to combine and integrate them into my life, and I can help you do the same.

Formal education-ally speaking, I completed my bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science from the University of California – Berkeley. Cognitive Science is the study of human behavior on all levels from brain science through behavior, informed by psychology, sociology, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, computer programming, and anthropology.

If you ask me what parenting style I use… attachment parenting, RIE parenting, authoritarian parenting, etc.? I'd respond: the Nic Strack Parenting Style. I've studied all kinds of parenting styles and have taken the parts and philosophies that I like from some of them to create my own unique parenting style which is aligned with who I am and who my child is - every kid is different and benefits from parenting styles that are unique to them.

And my husband has done the same. While we share our fundamental beliefs on the kinds of parents we want to be, even we don't parent the same way - we're different people! Everyone's parenting style is unique to them, even when they're co-parenting, and navigating that difference is a feat in and of itself.

How would I describe my coaching style?

I keep it real. I’m brilliant. Hilarious. And obviously very humble, too. I can go from laughing to crying in seconds, and I invite you to show up fully, too, whatever that looks like for you.

I believe you know what’s best for you, so my role is to support you in owning that to be true, and helping you to unpack the conditioning you received which lead you to stop trusting in your Inner Truth.

And… I’m not a “quick-fix” coach who's going to tell you how to “change your life overnight.” Learning how to make choices with more awareness is a lifelong practice — I’m here to help you along on your path.

What do I want most for you?

I want you to get back the precious energy you’re currently expending on guilt, doubt, distraction, confusion, worry, etc. I want you to feel confident about the choices you’re making. I want you to trust your Self and your Inner Knowing. I want you to be able to make choices without shaming your Self for them. And if you do shame your Self, to practice acceptance and self-compassion. As you begin to explore all the ways in which you’ve been giving your energy away, you will be able to call it be and truly be more present.

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