If you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused about motherhood...

I get it. I’ve been there.

Conventional wisdom tells mothers to put their children first, no matter what. Well... maybe that worked in 1947. But that doesn’t work today (and it probably never did).

I’m here to set mamas across the world free with this 15-word paradigm shift:

The relationship you have with your Self
defines the relationship you have with your child.

It’s no longer enough to dismissively instruct you to “find balance” or “just focus on being present!” Because balance is relative and presence is only a part of the parenting picture.

Knowing this, I’m helping mamas like you to cultivate a significant and conscious relationship with your Self first. In so doing, you’ll learn to build a wholehearted and connected relationship with your child(ren).

Photo by Haley Seppa

Photo by Haley Seppa

Living with my husband, toddler, and parents, all while recently coming out as genderqueer has given me daily opportunities to walk the talk of my 15-word paradigm shift. And I’m embodying and emboldening my truth like never before.

I unhesitatingly own: I am a BADASS.

Not because I get it “right” all the time (I don’t). And certainly not because I’ve got my shit “together” (it’s decidedly not).

I’m a badass because I’m committed to my own growth and expansion, taking ownership for processing my own crap instead of mindlessly passing it on to my child and others.

I’m a badass because I choose to have challenging conversations, whether I’m repairing a mistake I made or making my boundaries lovingly and clearly known.

And I’m a badass because I’m owning that I’m a badass in a culture that would prefer that I sit down, shut up, and look pretty.

NOPE. Not this badass mama. Not this badass human.

The End.

Just kidding, it’s only the beginning.

In Case You Were Wondering...

Why am I the person to help you?

In the 20 years since I attended my first personal development course, I’ve dedicated my life to transformational growth, spending over a thousand hours attending seminars and workshops of all kinds… learning tools, honing them, practicing them, and teaching them. Not only have I learned many different tools, but I've figured out how to combine them and integrate them into my life and I can help you do the same.

Formal education-ally speaking, I completed my bachelor's degree in Cognitive Science from the University of California – Berkeley. Cognitive Science is the study of human behavior on all levels from brain science through behavior, informed by psychology, sociology, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, computer programming, and anthropology.

If you ask me what parenting style I use… attachment parenting, RIE parenting, authoritarian parenting? I'd respond: the Nic Strack Parenting Style. I've studied all kinds of parenting styles and have taken the parts and philosophies that I like from some of them to create my own unique parenting style.

And my husband has done the same. While we share our fundamental beliefs on the kinds of parents we seek to be and our roles, even WE don't parent the same way - we're different people! I believe everyone's parenting style is unique to them, even when they're co-parenting.

What do I want most for you?

I want you to feel confident about the choices you're making as a parent. I'm not here to judge your choices. Ever. I'm here to make sure you're coming from a place of Self-awareness and clarity. It's easy to get caught up in the shame culture of being a mom, and I'm here to support you in learning how to identify YOUR truth and what's going to work best for YOUR family, so you can feel confident, connected, and clear when you make choices.

How would I describe my coaching style to you?

I keep it real. I’m brilliant. Hilarious. And obviously very humble, too. I won't bullshit you and I won't pretend to be somebody I'm not just so you'll like me. I am here to serve your highest Self, and that means sometimes you might not want to hear what I'm sharing. But I'm committed enough to your growth to share it with you, and I will support you in vulnerably processing all of it.

I'm not a “quick-fix” coach who's going to tell you how to “change your life overnight.” Looking within and learning how to make conscious choices is a practice and it takes a strong commitment.

And? If you commit to your Self and to your family in this way… you'll be grateful for the rest of your life you did, and you’ll be extra grateful you chose to start now and not spend another day living at the mercy of others’ perceptions of you or the views of society.


How will you feel after our coaching work together?

When you learn how to pause and get present with your current experience, the whole world will open up for you. You'll recognize the only thing you're in control of is how you respond to people, circumstances… life. You'll feel confident and will have a clear sense of where you've been, where you are, and where want to go. You'll experience higher levels of fulfillment, not only with your Self, but with your child(ren) and in every other relationship in your life.

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“If I don't deeply know my Self, I will never truly know my child.”

~Nic Strack

(yes, I totally just quoted my Self)