A Monthly Email Coaching Package

"I'm on the go ALL. THE. TIME. I feel overwhelmed and under-equipped as I juggle all the responsibilities of my life between my kid and my partner and my job... I want support now, but I don't want to have to schedule calls with someone because my life is too unpredictable!"

Sound familiar?

Having a child under the age of five can lead to a lot of scheduling challenges and surprises. When I had a newborn, I canceled on my therapist at the last minute at least three times (including once because of sheer exhaustion).

These early years of your child's life are an incredible time for you to get into the habit of making sure you're tending to your whole self, and that means more than getting regular massages and having a night out every once in a while.

Learning how to consistently go within and mine the wisdom you have inside you while your child is this young will give you ample time to practice conscious parenting.

The relationship you have with your self defines the relationship you have with your child.

When your toddler is standing in front of you, screaming at the top of their lungs and crying so hard they are shaking... do you distract them away from their feelings in an attempt to make it better? Yell at them to stop? Calmly stay present with them and acknowledge their feelings?

The way you react to your child’s big feelings is a reflection of how you relate to your big feelings.

In our work together, you'll learn how to get centered in your own deep truth (by getting curious about your beliefs, values, biases, etc.), and then make parenting decisions. Because when you are clear, you'll bring that clarity into your interactions with your child.

And? Sometimes you won't be clear and you'll act anyways. That is called being human. How you choose to be with yourself and with your child afterward will lay the groundwork for what they learn about how to repair after making mistakes.

Being a mother means being part of an over-shamed and under-served population.

Are you ready to cultivate deep confidence and self-awareness in yourself?

The Back Pocket Coaching Package includes:

  • A "You Are Here" assessment before we begin working together where you'll do a present-day inventory of your life, laying the foundation for our work together

  • a personalized welcome video based on your responses to the assessment, which will include reflections and insights about what areas of growth will be most beneficial for you to focus on

  • unlimited access to me via email with a guaranteed response within 24 hours

  • the option to add-on client-rate 60-minute coaching calls ($200 per call)

Feeling supported and cheered on while you navigate motherhood will help you to build a wholehearted and symbiotic relationship with your child.


$375 for the first month
per month thereafter

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