A 4-month Private Coaching Intensive

Societal norms. Family. Friends. Messages from the media. The parenting industry.

These days, there are too many sources of information to count, and with answers to your burning questions seemingly residing at the tips of your fingers, you might have forgotten where your truest answers live: within you.

Not intended to be a cliché that’s couched in spiritual bypassing or a hand wavy message of impractical inspiration, when you truly start to believe that you have ALL the answers you’ll ever need within you, your life will change. Or more accurately, you will change your life.

It's time to learn how to turn inward in order to make lasting change in your life.

In this 4-month intensive, you will delve into your core beliefs, expectations, and the ways in which you are limiting yourself from feeling empowered and aligned. As you begin to get curious about how you ended up exactly where you are today, you'll learn tools and insights to help you to tap into your inner wisdom and separate it from the external noise.

If you're thinking "ok, that all sounds nice, but WTF does that actually mean in real life?"

It means that you will begin cultivating a significant and self-aware relationship with yourself by learning to observe how you are contributing to your moment-to-moment experience of life.

And, in so doing, you will develop a wholehearted and symbiotic relationship with your child.

Because… not being aware of your own stuff is what prevents you from seeing your child for who they truly are.

The program will be tailored to your unique needs, and will cover topics such as:

  • identifying your core values + beliefs – clearly expressing your inner truth, and not just regurgitating what society tells you these should be

  • honest accountable communication – with yourself and with others, you'll learn how to identify and own how you are contributing to your experience in the present moment by practicing paying attention to your physical, mental, and emotional state

  • navigating parenting with a partner – since no two people are the same, co-parenting can be rife with tension, and this intensive will help you to address parenting style similarities and differences effective and supportive ways

  • boundaries – knowing when and how to set them, adjust them, and maintain them is crucial in life and you might have been taught you aren't even allowed to have them

  • self-care – it's more than massages and spa days, it's about learning to manage your bandwidth and take care of yourself in a meaningful way

  • expectations – it's human to have expectations, but whereas some expectations can decrease the amount of energy you expend on something, other expectations and how you respond to them not being met might be unnecessarily draining you on a minutely basis

  • community – effectively tending to established relationships and building new ones so you feel supported, witnessed, and loved will help bolster you as you navigate through life as a mom

The 4-month intensive includes:

  • A "You Are Here" assessment before we begin working together where you'll do a present-day inventory of your life, laying the foundation for the next four months

  • Two 60-minute coaching calls per month

  • In-depth notes and reflections sent to you after each call to help you document and deepen into what you're learning

  • Custom homework/heartwork assignments after each call to put what you're learning into practice

  • Unlimited access to me via email between our calls to keep me in your back pocket as you bring the work into your daily life (guaranteed response within 24 hours)

Choosing to take ownership for your experience of life is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child... and your self.

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