Ready to create some lasting change in your life?

Societal norms, your childhood, old adages, social media, strangers, the parenting industry…

Too many voices and sources of information could lead you to believe parenting is only about the surface-level choices you make, also known as what you DO (ex. breastfeed vs. formula feed, cloth vs. disposable diapers, co-sleep vs. sleep train, etc.).

But the real parenting paradigm shift comes with the willingness to explore WHY you’re doing what you’re doing, or, how you're BEING. The clarity (or lack thereof) beneath your choices will determine the foundation upon which you’re building your parenting style.

  • Why do you feel so upset when you think your child is disrespecting you?

  • How do you feel when you hear your own parents’ reprimands come rolling out of your mouth before you register what you’re saying?

  • What do you do when you know you’re overreacting to your child’s behavior, but you feel so overcome with emotion you can’t seem to stop?

Disregarding the importance of examining the why’s beneath your values, beliefs, and choices can lead to parenting on auto-pilot… raising your child the same way you were raised, or the exact opposite of how you were raised – you rebel, you.

But you aren’t your parents.

Your child isn’t you.

And society and culture are always changing!

What will it be like to feel confident and clear about the parenting choices you’re making? How will your life change when you learn to pause before unconsciously re-playing patterns from your past, and instead, make a conscious choice in the present moment? Who will benefit when you feel at ease, able to transform anxiety into humor as you choose to appreciate the hilarity of life?

It’s time to intentionally create your own style of parenting, which is aligned with who you are and who your child is, because here’s the bottom line:


Your ability to see and know your child for who they are depends on your ability to know your Self.

As your Empowerment Coach, I will walk you through the steps of using situations in your every day life to deepen your understanding of your Self, your values, your beliefs, what's working for you, and what's not.

You will learn how to use The P.O.W.E.R.S. Ownership Method™ in your daily life to:

  • Pause – tune in to your Self when you start to feel reactive (before playing out an old pattern of behavior)

  • Own – get accountable for the thoughts and feelings you’re experiencing in the moment

  • Want – determine what you want right now (including the stuff you might be ashamed of wanting, because that's important to acknowledge, too)

  • Execute – make a conscious choice and move forward with it

  • Reflect – reflect on what old beliefs and patterns caused you to feel reactive in the first place

  • Share – communicate about your experience to foster connection with your Self, your child, and those around you, to both model and fortify your choice to live a life of ownership and intention

  • And, mindfully repair with your Self and your child when you've made a mistake (because mistakes are guaranteed + encouraged in parenting!)

I’ll also be your confidant, cheerleader, shoulder to cry on, and person to vent to. Motherhood can seem isolating, and I want you to feel witnessed and nourished as you navigate this tender, complex, and heart-expanding journey of transformational growth.

I am not here to judge you. I’m here to hold your vision for your life with you, and to assist you in living it with vulnerability, confidence, presence, and honesty.

Every month you’ll receive:

  • Either one 90-minute coaching call or two 45-minute calls (you get to choose, and you can change it up each month) with in-depth notes emailed to you after each call, so you can document and deepen into what you're learning

  • Two custom homework/heartwork assignments to help you practice what you’re learning (delivered on the first and third Tuesdays of the month)

  • Unlimited access to me via email between our calls to keep me in your back pocket as you bring the work into your daily life (with a guaranteed response from me within 24 hours)

Choosing to consciously explore your values, beliefs, and choices is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child… and your self.

TOTAL Investment:
STARTS AT $450 per month

4-month commitment encouraged - transformational growth doesn’t happen overnight!

If you have questions about payment plans or scholarships, please reach out.

Next Step:

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