do you want to
be more present in the
messiness of parenthood?


Your ability to see and know your child for who they are depends on your ability to know your Self. The Path of Present Parenting™ is a structured five-part process which will guide you to create more space for connection, clarity, and presence in your daily life (more on The Path here).

As your Empowerment Coach, my role is to support you in navigating The Path to get realigned with your Inner Truth - a part of your Self you might not have connected with in a while. I firmly believe: at your core, you know what is best for you. As you begin to integrate The Path of Present Parenting™ into your life, you’ll be able to truly decrease your mom guilt and be more present.

You can also count on me to be your confidant, cheerleader, shoulder to cry on, and person to vent to. Motherhood can seem isolating, and feeling witnessed and nourished as you navigate this tender, complex, messy, overwhelming, and heart-expanding journey of transformational growth is immensely important for your continued unfolding.

custom coaching packages:


  • One 60-minute coaching call with in-depth notes emailed to you within 48 hours of the call, so you can document and deepen into what you're learning

  • One custom heartwork assignment to help you practice what you’re learning

  • Unlimited access to me via written emails between our calls to keep me in your back pocket as you bring the work into your daily life (with a guaranteed response from me within 24 hours)

AND the following can be added-on:

  • Up to three additional 60-minute coaching calls

  • Up to three additional custom heartwork assignments

  • 60-minutes of Voxer (audio message) access in addition to unlimited written email access between calls (with a guaranteed response from me within 24 hours)


starts at $300 per month

3-month commitment encouraged… transformational growth doesn’t happen overnight!

If you have questions about payment plans or scholarships, please reach out as I want to make this work as accessible as I can.

next step:

Text me now at +1.847.778.9832 or email me to schedule your free 45-minute Empowered Mama Assessment. We’ll discuss where you are right now, what you’re ready to shift, and how we can work together. I’ll text you back within 24 hours and we'll get our Assessment on the calendar!

PS - Not sure what to write in your text to me? I get it! You can say, My name is _____ and I’d like to learn more about coaching with you. When can I schedule a call with you?

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