supporting moms to feel less mom guilt and be more present

supporting moms to
feel less mom guilt and
be more present

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mom guilt:
feeling guilty about
the choices you’re
making and not making

some common sources of mom guilt…

  • striving to be the “perfect” parent

  • caring about what other people think about your parenting

  • judging other parents as better/less than you

  • judging your child as better/less than other children

  • being distracted while with your child

  • the state of your co-parenting relationship

  • making a parenting choice you regret and thinking you’ve scarred your child for life

  • not knowing if having a child was the right choice for you

  • missing the life you had before becoming a mom

  • thinking you’re an incredible parent and then thinking you’re arrogant

  • believing your love for your child is supposed to make the challenges of parenting “totally worth it” but it doesn’t always feel that way

  • not taking consistent care of your Self

… not an exhaustive list, but the list is already exhausting, huh?

Basically, mom guilt is
feeling guilty for not
being able to do
motherhood “right”
no matter what you do.

Photo by Melodee Solomon

Photo by Melodee Solomon

being present:
intentionally tuning in to
your current experience

That’s it.

In today’s culture, the definition of being present has gotten away from its true meaning, especially when it comes to parenting. People talk about “being present” like it’s some sort of idealistic parenting perfection (which we know doesn’t exist).

Here’s the real real on being present: it isn’t about doing anything “perfectly” or not making mistakes. It isn’t even about not being distracted, or yelling, or melting down, or feeling ashamed, or, or, or…

Being present means being aware of what’s happening within you right now… physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It’s noticing when you’re distracted. Accepting it. And then, deciding if you want to make a different choice.

It could also be noticing you’re distracted, and starting to shame your Self before you realize what you’re doing. Then, when you do get present with your experience of shame, you again have the opportunity to accept what’s happening and make a new choice.

Sometimes you’ll have the capacity to make a new choice. Sometimes you won’t.

It’s ALL ok.

Being present is about
intentionally tuning in
to your self to notice
what you’re experiencing
in this moment.

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Humans come into the world with an innate ability to be present and learn — a natural ability to both be and become. Their curiosity and desire to learn isn’t fueled by a fear of not being “good enough” or “worthy of love” — they trust they belong here and they don’t think twice about it.

The Path of Present Parenting™ is a five-part process which will guide you back to your Inner Truth (also called your intuition) by inviting you to accept where you are right now while giving you a path to shift what isn’t working and practice more of what does.

It’s a wholehearted and
loving approach to
learning, and growth.

ready to learn
more about
The Path of
Present Parenting™?

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