the five-step path to get you
from where you are to
more present parenting.

The Path of Present Parenting™ is a five-part process which will guide you through decreasing the mom guilt you're feeling, and tuning-in to be more present with your Self… and in turn, your child (and everyone else in your life).

The Path of Present Parenting™ will support you to…

  1. explore your collection of foundational beliefs or what-you-believe-to-be-true about your Self, your child, your community, and the world… these are the lenses through which you experience Life and they impact everything about how you parent your Self and your child

  2. create a clear intention for how you want to show up for your Self, your child, your community, and in the world… these are rooted in your true values, not the “values” that were unconsciously passed on to you

  3. learn how to take ownership for how YOU are creating your moment-to-moment experience of life… when you start to pause before responding, you’ll create space for your Inner Truth (intuition) to guide you

  4. design practices which will help you to start making shifts toward living in alignment with the intention you created… awareness doesn’t matter if you aren’t intentionally coming up with ways to bring the awareness in your daily life

  5. integrate your practices into your daily life with grace and self-compassion in order to truly be more present with your Self, your child, your community, and the world… this is how you'll strengthen the habit of turning inward and checking in with your Self to go after what you want, both in this moment and moving forward

…and because you’re never “done”
learning and growing,
the path will continue to
support you as you EVOLVE
and explore new layers of
awareness and presence.

wondering how
this works
with coaching?